Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weekend Programming Contest on 17 August 2013 Editorials

Note: For problem M, The editorial is saying that answer is -1 iff n is of form of p^i, Please read it as n is of form of p^i or 2 * p^i.

I have lost the tex file, So I am really sorry, Next time I will try to write editorials in a doc kind of format.

UPDATE1 : Problems have been added to SPOJ and to our Online judge also. . So Enjoy solving them :)
See the problem from A to J, L to O.

UPDATE2: I have corrected the errors in the editorial and uploaded the latest file. If you want some more explantion.I will edit the article, just write a comment about which problem do you think that editorial can be improved and what you do not understand from the editorial.

You can download the latest editorial from this link:

PS: I have updated the editorial, You might face some problems in viewing it in google docs itself. Please download the file and view it.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Weekend Programming Contest this week on 17 August 2013

    We as a part of ACA, IITK and PClub IITK are organising a small WPC this week. So gear up to enjoy 15 challenging programming tasks. It will start on 6pm 17 August to 6 pm 18 August, 24 hours contest.
    Link :
    This is a team contest of consisting at max 3 persons. It has some prizes for top 6 teams but only for internal teams, so if you are some external participant then I am sorry about it, btw you can get a good practice of all kinds of algorithms.
   It will mostly contain problems of all domains and all kinds of difficulty levels. Most of the problems are created by me, Some problems are just a bit modification of standard ideas.
    Now time to know people behind the scenes of the WPC. Thank you Pankaj Jindal for inspiring me to write an internal contest. Thanks ACA (specifically Harshvardhan Sharama) for providing the judge, PClub (specially Ankush Sachdeva) for providing the prize money.
    Problem Setter for the contest is me, Problem testers are Utkarsh Lath, Bhupendra Kastore. Rizwan Hudda has tested all the problem descriptions and his guidelines about difficulty of the contest.
   Many many thanks to all of you. It was really a nice experience to work with you guys :)

    Editorial for the contest will be posted here on my blog just after the contest. Problems will also be added on spoj so that you can increase your points on spoj also and do some practice of-course.

    See you in the contest :)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Let's Learn Java.

from 20Oct finally I would be learning Java for one week :)

int [] a = new int [10];
Arrays.sort (a);
Arrays.fill (a, 0);
Arrays.fill (a, startRange, endRange, value);
Arrays.sort (a, startIndex, endIndex);
String [] name = String[] {"Praveen", "Dhinwa"};

Queue <Integer> q = new LinkedList <Integer> ();

String s;
s.substr(startIndex, length)

String a[] = s.split(token);

String s;
Integer.parseInt (s);