Monday, 29 April 2013

Important things to do in summers 2013

1. Getting good in programming contests. Start practicing at topcoder, codeforces, spoj and codechef.
Also solve some old problems of different - different contests.
2. Read mathematics problem for putnam competition.
3. Operating system and networks revision.
4. Puzzle solving for job perspective.
5. Writing something in English for improvement of thought flowing and generation of ideas.
6. Writing short stories in both Hindi and English, I will also try poems.
8. Revise algorithms
9. Doing some courses in algorithms
10. Reading some interesting book about algorithms and recent research areas in algorithms.


  1. I wish Putnam was a open competition like ICPC. Don't get me wrong; but maths is so much more fun than programming.

  2. Yes, exactly, it is more interesting to construct arguments than the code.