Friday, 27 December 2013

Important things in Java

int [] A = new int [n];
for (int x : A) System.out.println (x);

int[] array = new int[4];
Arrays.fill(array, 0);


Math.max (a, b)
Math.abs (a)

StringBuilder res = new StringBuilder ();
res.append (char ('A'));
res.append (String);
String ans = res.toString();

int[] array = new int[4];
Arrays.fill(array, 0);

Arrays.Sort (object[], startIndex, endIndex);

Set st = new HashSet  ();
st.add (5);

List  list = new ArrayList  ();
Concerting Set to List type
List  list = new ArrayList  (st);
Collection.sort (list);

String s = new String();

Input Output Code in Java (Code is taken from Egor's library).

If you want to use something other, this is Parser class for input (Written by Rudradevbasak's team proof). For output, you can use PrintWriter class which is fast enough.

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