Friday, 18 July 2014

A checklist for every Computer Science student

The below List contains essential things according to me a
computer science student should know. Please add your views in comments.

Access e-mail system using username and password
Change username-password.
Receive / read an e-mail message
Reply to an e-mail message
Compose and send an original e-mail message
Attach a file to an e-mail message
Meaning of cc, bcc etc.

To create a letter or essay, which software program would be the best choice to use?
Other than CAPS LOCK, which key can you use to insert uppercase/capital letters in a
Tell about these things
Firefox, chrome, power point, excel, ms word etc.
how to check whether an e-mail address is valid or not?
valid email address.
concept of ip address.
concept of LAN.
name some good search engines. Use of search engines etc.

create a directory, edit files, search files, 
Use of ls, pwd, rm, mv, cp command.
How to rename a file using mv command?
How to delete a directory.
How to open application through command line?
How to open two programs simultaneously from your terminal?
Concept of chmod, permissions, installing softwares, installing linux on your computer.

How to print your files on cse ground labs?
Learn use of ppr command.

image editor?

how to create presentations in linux or windows?

how can you select multiple files from a list of files ?

how to permanently delete the files?

keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, changing the tabs, cut/copy/paste from
terminal, open terminal, close terminal, saving a file, save as, delete a file,
help, closing a program,
for capitalizing a letter, for opening a new tab in browser, closing a tab in
browser, refreshing the webpage, changing the current tab to another tab in browser.

undo, redo, bold, italic etc.

click, double click, right click, scrolling etc.

concept of bits, byte, RAM, ROM, hard disk. What is inside the CPU?

dragging a file

what is an operating system? names of famous operating systems?

meaning of www, ip, netmask, LAN etc.

search an article.
create your account.
edit article.

know about stackoverflow, mathoverflow, stackexchange,  etc. sites?

know about programming competitions like ACM-ICPC, visit spoj,,
codechef, codeforces etc.

know about top online courses of the universities around the world eg. nptel,
coursera, OCW

search a paper on google scholar.

search for graph making softwares on web. (hint: you can use google too)

create online netbanking and learn how to do online transcations.
how to online order books or any other goods online?

how to use google drive, google doc, creating google forms, 

how to create blog ? Famous sites for creating your blog?

how to create a profile on social networking sites like facebook, G+, quora, twitter?

how to maintain your home page?

google search: 
how to search on a specific site?
how to use it as a calculator?
how to search for a specific file?
how to search exact phrases?

know about DC++

how to change proxy in your browser?

increase your typing speed, search for good typing speed increasing softwares.

how to change passwords of your computers?

concept of root user on linux?, sudo etc.

concept of ssh and scp.

creating bookmarks.

how to write README files?

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